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Morelink Technology Corporation specializes in the design and production of radio coverage solutions for telecommunications and digital broadcasting systems. Our product portfolio includes Signal Boosters, Repeaters, and Relays to dramatically improve radio access quality in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  


Founded in 2010 and based in Taipei City, Morelink® is the radio coverage solution leader in combining high quality technologies with innovation designs. Our innovative plug-and-play enabling technologies are capable of adapting to time-variant field environment so as to make the homemade solutions be able to provide the optimized signal coverage all the time. Our DTMB Relay product won 2013 TAITRONICS Technology Innovation Awards, which recognizes the industry leadership of Morelink® in terms of innovative radio coverage technologies.

Morelink® is committed to deliver the best-in-class indoor and outdoor coverage solutions, as well as to create the success and high satisfaction for our customers. Flexible and diverse product models including IP licensing, module solutions, and turkey solutions are provisioned to create a win-win sustainable business relationship between the customers and MoreLink. With the customers including Telcos, System Integrators, Equipment vendors, Academic Research Institutes, and Universities, Morelink® continues to develop innovative new products that address the changing needs of coverage for all types of wireless broadband access.


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Service Zone:China, S-E Asia, Others, Nationwide

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