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MB-201 Dual-band Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater

MORELINK® Dual-band Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeaters provide the most cost-effective solutions to improve user experience of high quality mobile services in small to medium sized indoor areas such as houses, hotels, hot spots, shops, offices, meeting rooms, apartments, and so on. Light weight and compact ID design, low power consumption without any cooling fan inside, and equipping innovative multiple sub-blocks technology make MORELINK® Dual-band Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeaters be very suitable for sundry occasions of indoor deployment.


MORELINK® Dual-band Multiple Sub-Blocks technology is to provide multiple re-configurable digital filters in a repeater so that users can set any preferred frequency segments within the operating band for repeating. Accompanying with Independent gain and output power control among different sub-blocks, MORELINK® Dual-band Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater is the most cost-effective solution for either the case of one carrier owning separated spectrum blocks, or the case of co-site deployment of more than one carrier.


Significant Features

  • Combined by GSM/DCS/WCDMA/LTE FDD
  • 20dBm of Output Power

  • 80dB of Maximum Gain

  • Customized Band
  • Light Weight and Small Dimension

  • Local & Remote Control (Optional)

  • Low Power Consumption without Any Cooling Fan Inside

  • Coverage of A 1400m2  ~ 2500m2 Basement

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