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ICS-103M ICS Repeater Module

MORELINK® ICS Module provides the most cost-effective solution for customer to integrate own brand housing and internal antenna to generate own brand ICS Repeater. 30dB Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation with MORELINK® Cognitive Auto Power Level Control makes MORELINK® ICS Module inside solution able to adapt to the time-variant isolation environment and further provides the optimized signal coverage all the time.


MORELINK® ICS (Interference Cancellation Scheme) technology is to adaptively suppress the time-variant echo interference from repeater transmission to repeater reception so as to let users be able to enjoy the optimized indoor signal coverage all the time. MORELINK®  ICS Repeater Modules'  software programmability of repeating bandwidth and center frequency facilitates the scalable operating bandwidth demands during the initial deployment of a mobile network and system upgrade during spectrum re-farming. MORELINK® ICS Repeater Modules provide the best solution to quickly enhance user experience of high speed mobile data services in diverse indoor environments.

Significant Features
  • 23dBm of Maximum Output Power

  • 85dB of Maximum Gain

  • Software Re-Configurable Operating Bandwidth and Center Frequency

  • Software System Upgrade to Support Next Generation Mobile Network

  • Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation to Increase up to 30dB of Isolation

  • Plug-and-Play (PnP) with Built-in Donor and Service Antennas

  • Light Weight and Small Dimension

  • Low Power Consumption without Any Cooling Fan Inside

  • Coverage of A 100~150m2 Apartment or A 600~900m2 Basement

  • MIMO Support by Combining Two Units with External MIMO Antennas

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