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MB-101M Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater Module

MORELINK® Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeaters provide the most cost-effective solutions to improve user experience of high quality mobile services in small to medium sized indoor areas. Innovative multiple sub-block technology makes MORELINK® Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater Modules be very suitable for sundry occasions of indoor deployment.


MORELINK® Digital Multiple Sub-Blocks technology is to provide multiple re-configurable digital filters in a repeater so that users can set any preferred frequency segments within the operating band for repeating. Accompanying with Independent gain and output power control among different sub-blocks, MORELINK® Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater Module is the most cost-effective solution for either the case of one carrier owning separated spectrum blocks, or the case of co-site deployment of more than one carrier.

Significant Features
  • 23dBm of Maximum Output Power

  • 85dB of Maximum Gain

  • Software Re-Configurable Operating Bandwidth and Center Frequency

  • Software System Upgrade to Support Next Generation Mobile Network

  • Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation to Increase up to 30dB of Isolation

  • Independent Setting and Control of Gain and Output Power Per Sub-Block

  • Light Weight and Small Dimension

  • Low Power Consumption without Any Cooling Fan Inside

  • Coverage of A Small to Medium Sized Area

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