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IOT-001: Easy Link

* Peer to Peer Connection
* Zero Configuration
* Excellent NAT Traversal
* Safe and Reliable

MoreLink IoT-101 Easy Link, including a Home unit and a Carry unit, is designed to provide a quick connection between these two units anytime and anywhere so as to form an intranet between them. IoT-101 is an IoT product based on PPHook Self-Organizing Network (SON) system, which is a perfect IoT software platform with a modular architecture to support any type of IoT services. Excellent NAT traversal, fast connection establishment, superior security and privacy, and server-less architecture make IoT-101 the best choice to help you quickly build your cloud services

Significant Features

  • Stable and Direct Connection between Home Unit and Carry Unit
  • Zero Configuration for Connection Setup 
  • Excellent NAT Traversal
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Turning The Internet into An Intranet, Low Possibility of Hacker Attacks 
  • Lite Weight and Small Dimension Design, Easy to Carry

Ezlink  P2P VPN demonstration 

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