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ICS-301: Combined Type Triple Band ICS Repeater

* Triple Band for 2G/3G/4G Voice and Data
* Coverage for up to 2500 Sq.m Per System
* Easy Installation with Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation Capability
* Up to 4 Sub-Blocks for Total
* Compact Design with Convection Heat Dissipation

MoreLink ICS-301 repeaters, combining one single band ICS module and one dual band ICS module are designed to provide multi-mode mobile services in medium sized indoor areas such as hotels, hot spots, shops, offices, apartments, basements, and so on. Through Advanced Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation technology with MoreLink Cognitive Auto Level Control scheme, ICS-301 can be quickly installed without repeated and complicated engineering effort to achieve outstanding performance of indoor coverage. Designed with solid and compact enclosure design and up to four software programmable Sub-Blocks, where two Sub-Blocks for one selected band and two Sub-blocks for the other two bands, ICS-301 can be applied for diverse scenarios in many tough environments


Significant Features
  • Triple Band Design with Diverse Frequency Band Combinations by Combining One Single Band Repeater Module and One Dual Band Repeater Module
  • Combinations of GSM/WCDMA/LTE FDD/TD-LTE Supported
  • 20dBm of Maximum Output Power
  • 80dB of Maximum Gain
  • Up to Four Sub-Blocks with Programmable Frequencies and Bandwidths
  • Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation to Increase at Least 30dB of Isolation
  • Reliable Compact Design with N Type RF Connectors
  • Convection Heat Dissipation without Any Cooling Fan Inside
  • Coverage of A up to 1400m2 Apartment or A up to 2500m2 Basement
  • Both Inter-band and Intra-band Carrier Aggregation Supported
  • Wall Mount
ICS Repeater 1165468