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MB-202: Combined Type Dual Band Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater

* Dual Band for 2G/3G/4G Voice and Data
* Single or Multiple Carriers Solution
* Coverage for up to 2500 Sq.m Per System
* Compact Design with Convection Heat Dissipation
* 4~6 Sub-Blocks Per Band with Programmable Frequencies and Bandwidths

MoreLink MB-202 repeaters, combining two single band Multiple Sub-Block modules are the best choice dual band coverage solutions of either one carrier owning separated spectrum blocks or co-site deployment of more than one carrier. MB-202 is designed to improve user experience of high quality mobile services in medium sized indoor areas such as hotels, hot spots, shops, offices, apartments, basements, and so on. MB-202 supports independent settings of Multiple Sub-Blocks in terms of programmable frequency and bandwidth, maximum gain, and maximum output power, which make MB-202 able to meet the required coverage planning in the field based on user preference. Independent Auto Level Control schemes of Multiple Sub-Blocks make MB-202 able to adapt to time-variant receiving environment and further to output stable powers of Sub-Blocks so as to provide optimized signal coverage all the time


Significant Features

  • Dual Band Design with Customized Frequency Band Combinations by Combining Two Single Band Repeater Modules
  • Combinations of GSM/WCDMA/LTE FDD Supported

  • 20dBm of Maximum Output Power
  • 80dB of Maximum Gain
  • Multiple Sub-Blocks with Programmable Frequencies and Bandwidths
  • Reliable Compact Design with N Type RF Connectors
  • Convection Heat Dissipation without Any Cooling Fan Inside
  • Coverage of A up to 1400m2 Apartment or A up to 2500m2 Basement
  • Both Inter-band and Intra-band Carrier Aggregation Supported
  • Wall Mount


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