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ICS-201M: Dual Band ICS Module

* 2-SMA Module Design for Low Power Repeaters
* Adaptive Echo Interference Cancellation
* 1 Sub-Block Per Band
* Compact Design with Convection Heat Dissipation


MoreLink ICS-201M modules are designed for low power repeaters to provide dual band ICS functions. MoreLink ICS (Interference Cancellation Scheme) technology is to adaptively suppress the time-variant echo interference from repeater transmission to repeater reception so as to let users be able to enjoy the optimized indoor signal coverage all the time. ICS-201M supports one Sub-Blocks for one band, where the bandwidth and the center frequency of each Sub-block is independently set by software. ICS-201M can meet the operation bandwidth change and system upgrade requirement due to mobile network evolution and spectrum re-farming process

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