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TDSDMO_Jammer_002: TD-LTE Jammer Module

* Auto Cell Search w/ or w/o SIM Card
* Jammer PA ON/OFF Control
* Jamming Network Entry Support for Multiple Jammers Collaboration


TDSDMO_Jammer_002 TD-LTE Jammer Module integrated with Commercial TD-LTE MODEM is used for Shielding TD-LTE DL signals without introducing any UL interference to the TD-LTE eNB. Through Innovative technologies, TDSDMO_Jammer_002 is able to not only provide PA control signal precisely for DL jamming all the time, but also collaborate multiple Jammers for the purpose of shielding TD-LTE DL signals in a larger area. With solid and compact aluminum enclosure and simple I/O Interface design, TDSDMO_Jammer_002 is easy to be integrated into your Jammer devices

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SDM Module 1270933