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MB-101: Single Band Multiple Sub-Blocks Repeater

* Single Band for 2G/3G/4G Voice and Data
* Single or Multiple Carriers Solution
* Coverage for up to 2500 Sq.m with External Antennas
* Reliable without Cooling Fan
* 4~6 Sub-Blocks with Programmable Frequencies and Bandwidths


MoreLink MB-101 repeaters are the most cost-effective single band coverage solutions of either one carrier owning separated spectrum blocks or co-site deployment of more than one carrier. MB-101 is designed to improve user experience of high quality mobile services in small to medium sized indoor areas such as houses, hotels, hot spots, shops, offices, meeting rooms, apartments, and so on. MB-101 supports independent settings of Multiple Sub-Blocks in terms of programmable frequency and bandwidth, maximum gain, and maximum output power, which make MB-101 able to meet the required coverage planning in the field based on user preference. Independent Auto Level Control schemes of Multiple Sub-Blocks make MB-101 able to adapt to time-variant receiving environment and further to output stable powers of Sub-Blocks so as to provide optimized signal coverage all the time

Significant Features

  • GSM/WCDMA/LTE FDD Supported
  • 23dBm of Maximum Output Power
  • 85dB of Maximum Gain
  • Multiple Sub-Blocks with Programmable Frequencies and Bandwidths
  • Optional Built-in Donor or Service Antenna
  • Light Weight and Reliable Compact Design
  • Low Power Consumption without Any Cooling Fan Inside
  • Coverage of A up to 1400m2 Apartment or A up to 2500m2 Basement with External Antennas
  • MIMO Supported by Combining Two MB-101s with External MIMO Antennas
  • Intra-band Carrier Aggregation Supported
  • Table Stand and Wall Mount
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